Prevention of drowning

Drowning can occur in places such as pools, rivers, lakes, seas, etc.. However, children can drown in just 2.5 cm deep, especially the little ones. That is, they run the risk of drowning in wading pools too, bathtubs, buckets, toilets, among other places considered shallow.

Safety Tips:

* Never leave your child alone in or near water, even in places considered shallow

* Keep buckets, containers and wading pools empty. Keep them always face down and out of reach of children.

* Always close the toilet lid and lock the door of the bathroom.

* Know which friends have a pool at home and when your child is visiting them, make sure they will be supervised by an adult while playing in the water.

* Alarms and pool covers provide more protection, but do not eliminate the risk of accidents.

* Do not allow children to swim alone, is very dangerous.

* Always wear a vest in the child safety standards approved by the regulated safety when she is participating in water sports or playing on the beach or pools.

* Supervise children even when the pool is covered.

* The buoys arms offer no security, can deflate; may come out of this child’s arms or withdraw them.

* Attention is never enough. He who loves, cares. By leaving the child in the tub to grab a towel: 10 seconds are enough for the child to be submerged in the bathtub; When answering the phone, just 2 minutes are enough for the child submerged in the bathtub lose consciousness; Exit to answer the front door: a child submerged in the bathtub or pool between 4 to 6 minutes can have permanent brain damage.